ORCA Token

With a growing user base and a constantly expanding supply of services, we will have enough market power to seek out better deals and conditions from banks, exchanges and other service providers in-between. But we will not stop here – the bigger we grow together, the better opportunities we will achieve.

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ORCA Token

Token Utility

Users - Add apps and services to ORCA Dashboard. Perform in-app purchases. Pay platform fees.

Loyalty program - Access quests and rewardable tasks. Get exclusive offers and deals from ORCA Partners.

Developers & 3rd parties - Develop and offer new services or apps in the App Center. Receive payments in ORCA tokens.

Token Swap - reach apps and services using foreign tokens on ORCA withtout the need to actually hold external coins: all background conversions are done by ORCA.

ORCA Token Sale

A one-time issue of all 460.000.000 ORCA tokens,
42% of which will be available for sale.

42% sold to contributors during the TGE

All unsold tokens will be burned

20% for the Community Development Fund

To attract new community members, partners and influencers

18% for Partners Fund

Tokens reserved for the partner fund will be used to integrate third party services

17% for ORCA founders, developers and advisors

Founders tokens locked for 12 months, Advisor tokens locked for 6 m.

3% for Bounties

All unclaimed bounties will be transferred to the Community Development Fund