Concept related
What is ORCA Alliance?
What problems is ORCA solving?
What is the product of ORCA Alliance?
What is ORCA Dashboard?
What is ORCA App Center?
How is ORCA unique?
How will the general blockchain sector benefit from ORCA?
Where is ORCA Alliance based?
Token related
What are ORCA tokens?
Why does ORCA need a token?
What kind of tokens are ORCAs?
What is the total supply of ORCA tokens?
Are ORCA tokens mineable?
Are ORCA tokens transferable?
Where will I be able to hold my ORCA tokens?
ICO related
When will ORCA ICO happen?
How many tokens are sold on the ICO?
What is the price of one token during the ICO?
What is the minimal ICO contribution sum?
When will I receive my ORCA tokens?
What kind of currencies are accepted?
What is the soft cap and hard cap of the ICO?
Which countries are allowed to participate in the ICO?
I want to participate in the ICO. What should I do?