ORCA Token

We are building a platform that connects crypto and traditional finance sectors.
And as ORCA is based on the third party services, continually increasing user base will fuel the growth of service supply.

ORCA Token

Token Utility

Users - Add apps and services to ORCA Dashboard. Perform in-app purchases. Pay platform fees.

Loyalty program - Access quests and rewardable tasks. Get exclusive offers and deals from ORCA Partners.

Developers & 3rd parties - Develop and offer new services or apps in the App Center. Receive payments in ORCA tokens.

Token Swap - reach apps and services using foreign tokens on ORCA withtout the need to actually hold external coins: all background conversions are done by ORCA.

ORCA Token Sale

A one-time issue of all 460.000.000 ORCA tokens,
60% of which will be available for sale.

60% sold to contributors during the ICO

All unsold tokens will be burned

20% for the Community Development Fund

To attract new community members, partners and influencers

17% for ORCA founders, developers and advisors

Founders tokens locked for 12 months, Advisor tokens locked for 6 m.

3% for Bounties

All unclaimed bounties will be transferred to the Community Development Fund

Stay informed and be first in line